Television Surviving on Social Media

Television is on the decline as a result of social media and online streaming, so how does the TV industry survive the influx of web 2.0 technologies? When you can’t beat them, join them. Television has had to adopt new ways to engage their audiences and mostly through Facebook and Twitter. It was revealed in a recent study by Marketing Consultants Penn Schoen Berland that 9 out of 10 people view social networking as a form of entertainment, which determine users on what to watch and buy.

Evidence suggests that TV popularity has been deteriorating since early 2010 with subscriptions to pay television steadily declining by 3,000 purchases a year. This is due to the great accessibility of news and TV shows on the internet, resulting in only 30% of people receiving breaking news through television. (See Whats Killing the TV for more statistics)

It is now evident how TV is utilizing social media to engage their audiences, during shows viewers can #hashtag comments on pragramming which can potentially be posted on the silver screen. Shows have a responsibility to tweet and update facebook during the show as 79% of Facebook users connect online whilst watching a show.

Each genre of TV programming is reaching out in different ways. News and panel shows such as Can of Worms and The Project have heavy social media feedback during. Reality TV such as The Block, The Voice and The Biggest Loser have constant twitter and Facebook updating with available hashtags. However the most popular genre of television, drama and comedy, are in high demand with 56% of their viewers demanding social media interaction.

Social Media has revived the TV industry with a new platform to connect with audiences. But do you think it will last? Post your thoughts below

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