Linking the Film Industry and Web 2.0

When looking back on how movies have changed in the past 20 years, we have gone from embracing all 8 of the Beethoven adventure movies and period pieces such as Dances With Wolves to demanding hardcore reality in Zero Dark Thirty and 3D masterpieces such as Life of Pi and Avatar. So what changed? Apart from the technological developments, web 2.0 has created public forum where opinions can be expressed dictating the success of the movie. Interacting with social media is now more valuable than a films marketing campaign.

In a recent global media conference Dive Into Media, CEO of Sony Michael Lynton discuses how the industry has changed thanks to “social media and its effect on the post-moviegoing experience… with Facebook and twitter, viewers can actually affect the way a movie performs.”

Websmart TV summarized this new interactive level of success as the “architecture of participation” and that the “key to its success is in empowering the user” and not controlling their online input.

Continuing from my blog last week including Penn Schoen Berlands’ market research on television, the poll also revealed how 72% of people on social networking sites post about movies they have seen. Furthermore a third of people have seen a movie because of something they had seen on Facebook or Twitter.

From Social Zence

However the proof is in the pudding. Crimson Hexagon (social media analyst) recoded 930, 000 tweets about box office sensation The Hunger Games during its $152,500,000 opening weekend.

The film industry has now become reliant on feedback from web 2.0. However what will happen when social media becomes a thing of the past or no one wants to see a movie in a cinema anymore?
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